Whilst staying in Julia Benson’s (Mabel’s paid nurse) house in LA I was surprised to find in the closet of the room I was staying in to find some leather luggage (grips/cases) the leather was dried out and the cases crumbling…they were loaded with photographs, embroidered handkerchiefs (one with note attached/pinned on paper used at Valentino‘s funeral)..it was a treasure trove which I wondered how & why these things were placed here. When I asked Julia she said she asked Lee to place them there so I would find them..she said she had many other things which were Mabel’s and started crying saying she was sorry to have kept these things….I attach foto of Julia which I took myself, a foto of her house ( vines covered front porch) and a foto of the monogram of Mabel’s in gold plate one attached to each of Mabel’s cases… from “Mabel Normand.. her Grand Nephew’s Memoir” by Stephen Normand 2014